Prisse d'Avennes, Arab Art


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Emile Prisse d'Avennes, a French Orientalist, author and artist, was one of the great pre-20th century Egyptologists. An ardent admirer of the superb skills of Egyptian and Oriental artisans, he was enamored of Arabic art. As a youth he dreamed of exploring the Orient, and at 19 began traveling to Greece and Palestine. Over the next 40 years he explored Syria, Arabia, Persia, and resided in Egypt and Algeria. Converting to Islam, he traveled Egypt disguised as an Arab, using the name Edris Effendi.  In 1877, he published his outstanding survey on Islamic art and architecture, L'Art Arabe, in Paris. This publication reproduces the three atlas volumes containing 200 plates (137 of them magnificent chromolithographs) mainly by Prisse d'Avennes. L'Art Arabe is an indispensable compendium on the development of Arabic art, portraying its splendor and diversity, and a work of supreme draftsmanship.

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