''Cashmere If You Can'' Book


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With promotional blurbs from the likes of fashion designers Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier, lavish illustrations by Christopher Corr, and a storyline worthy of the most precocious kids, Saks Fifth Avenue's "Cashmere If You Can" succeeds in offering the unexpected. Even The New York Times concurs, it's "not your typical children's book." Just out from Harper Collins Publishers, it follows the madcap adventures of Wawa Hohhot and her family of Mongolian cashmere goats. Haute hijinks ensue as these colorful characters clamber to the top of the fashion world-and to the roof of Saks' flagship store in New York City. As Diane vonFurstenberg declared: "With this marvelous new book, Saks Fifth Avenue is truly leading the fashion herd!"