Bond No. 9 New York

Bond No. 9 Success Is The Essence of New York Eau de Parfum


$190.00 - $265.00     

At last Bond No. 9 is dropping all pretenses and selling MONEY! (Sort of.) Introducing Success is the Essence of New York, with a $cent as $eductively $weet as a dollar $ign. Success breaks the rules of romantic perfume subjects. Just like money, the scent is genderless, a warm and spicy gourmand. And just like money, it lures and intoxicates all who give it a sniff. Its spicy-citrussy top- notes coriander, cardamom, mandarin, bergamot, lead into a throbbing heart of jasmine, tuberose, rose, plum and pimento (of all things) that eventually segues into an oriental base of vanilla, patchouli, and amber.