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CheeseClock Deluxe Collection


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EXCLUSIVELY AT SAKS. A show-stopping gift for any cheese lover with 4 delectable cheeses--one from each quarter of our revolutionary CheeseClock™. Add 4 delicious chutneys to pair with each of the cheeses and, to complete this remarkable cheese platter, our exclusive Laguiole cheese knives just in from France! Handcrafted by legendary maker Jean Dubost using time-honored techniques, each of the 4 knives are crafted for different cheeses -- mild to strong, soft to hard. All in our signature red tin.

  • Includes handcrafted cheeses, chutneys and our exclusive Laguiole cheese knives in our signature red tin
  • Shelf life: about four to ten weeks
  • Total net weight: about 10 pounds
  • Servings: about 6 to 10
  • Made in USA

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