Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Classic Popper Nosh Box


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A grande gift box is filled with an unexpected array of exotic candy bars, chocolate covered nuts, exotic caramels, organic peanut butter bonbons and caramel marshmallows. Each individual box of chocolates can be passed out as party favors for a group or sent to an entire office to share. Larger than life impact...multiple gifts to love! Includes: 13 exotic candy bars 4 boxes of bombalinas, 3 4-piece exotic caramel collections, 3 4-piece peanut butter bonbons & 3 4-piece caramel marshmallows.

  • Arrives in a signature gift box
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • 5 lbs.
  • 5 oz.
  • 13"W X 13"H X 13"L
  • Made in USA