Thames and Kosmos

Spectacular Science Kit


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Amaze your audience with awesome chemistry demonstrations! Set contains the lab equipment, materials and chemicals you need to put on your own science show. A special 64-page, full-color, comic-book style manual guides you through the preparation and performance of 25 shows. Special cue cards are also included to help you remember your lines and each experiment's procedure. The experiments are divided into many shows: the elemental show, the water show, the carbon dioxide show and the candle show. For encores, you can watch mystical glowing black snakes grow from a pile of powder, turn red "fruit punch" into purple "grape juice" make sparkling fireworks from an orange, and turn "milk" into a solid and back into a liquid again.

  • 21.3" X 14.6" X 3.8"
  • Suitable for ages 12 to 18
  • Assembly required
  • Imported